Wednesday, 20 August 2008

We come in peace. Shoot to kill.

Ah, once again we hear the sweet, dulcet, reasoned tones of the Democratic Unionist Party (Remind me, what's democratic about their views again?). Recently we've had the lovely Iris Robinson spreading her venomous bile concerning the possibility of "saving" anyone who's gay in Northern Ireland.

I thought it would be difficult to top this, both in terms of sheer bigotry and downright stupidity. However, Mr. Ian Paisley Jr. has swept aside my doubts with ease.

Ian, in his wisdom, has decided to call for a shoot-to-kill policy against dissident republicans. It's really difficult to know where to start with this one.

First, if you're going to call for a policy or legislation of any kind, you cannot apply it to one half of a community and not the other. That is sectarian bigotry at its purist.

Second, anyone with an iota of knowledge of the history of Northern Ireland would understand that a shoot-to-kill policy has never worked there (even if SAS and security forces in the North always denied the existence of such a policy).

Thankfully, there are still some level heads in the political arena in the North. While the SDLP labelled Paisley's rhetoric as "dangerous nonsense", Sinn Fein managed to hit Junior where it hurts...his knowledge of A-Level history, claiming that Junior "hasn't learned anything from the history of the last 40 years".

The sooner people realise that religious or any fundamentalist attitudes get us nowhere in Northern Ireland, the sooner we can be rid of these well-funded mentalists. *

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