Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Republicans' Fiendish plan? Democrats' hidden agenda?

Now there's been a lot of discussion about presidential running mates over the last few days, from Obama's blue-collar Joe Biden to McCain's maverick Sarah Palin. While much attention has been given over to things like their personal history and voting records, no one has spotted the coded messages buried in the naming of these running mates!

The Republican McCain-Palin combo, with a little transformation, suddenly becomes the foreboding "I c manic plan!". What devious Republican plot could this be referring too? There are just so many to choose from. Of course there's also "I limp can can" which we feel maybe a coded reference to John McCain's advancing years, but our team is still working on that one.

On the Democrat side, the Obama-Biden team ackowledges the problems Barack Hussein Obama (thank you Fox News for continuously reminding us) has suffered because of his name. Obama-Biden reveals itself as "Bad name, Obi", managing to include reference to Obama's early-years teacher and advisor Obi Wan Kenobi. Worryingly there are additional codes that we have yet to fully comprehend, including "A bad omen, Bi" and "an idea Bomb", which could refer to potential smear campaigns being developed to thwart the Republican onslaught.

Many of the team at Spy Wednesday feel that only rigorous unfounded speculation will reveal their true meaning.

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