Sunday, 17 August 2008

God doesn't drive a hybrid?

I was sure that it was standard economic pressures that were behind the recent drop in oil prices. Following the massive surge in the price per barrel over the last few months, it became prohibitive for companies and consumers to purchase oil, resulting in lower demand, which in turn lowered the market price. I really thought that might explain it. I was fool. I was more than a fool; I was wrong.

In fact, we have the good folk belonging to the "Pray at the Pump" campaign to thank. Apparently they've been praying hard around fuel pumps in the Washington DC area since April for God to reduce the punitive $4 a gallon price for gas. Many sceptics felt that God would not take a hit on the price per gallon, given that he invested heavily in the petrochemicals when he buried all that organic material deep in the Earth to be later found and put to good use by the human race and the major players in the petrochemical industry.

However the heartfelt murblings of the pray-at-the-pump campaigners found a kindly ear upstairs resulting in a massive 20 cent drop in the price per gallon. Praise be! Thank the Lord!! Get the Vatican on the phone!!!

Although I do wonder why it took four months for their prayers to take effect...

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