Monday, 10 November 2008

Dodged a bullet

Ok, so we were always going to be leaning towards an Obama presidency...and of all the Republican congress people, John McCain is quite far down the chain of evility. It is worth noting however that during a presidential campaign successful candidates manage to hide 1) much of their true feelings and 2) the fact that there are greater complexities to almost every possible issue than they are presenting to you at any given moment. Hence the runaway success of mindless 3-syllable chants (as discussed on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart) such as John-Mc-Cain; U-S-A; Yes-We-Can and so on.

However, one element of John McCain's personality that really didn't get as much of an airing as it should have was his belief in all things superstitious. Here's an excerpt from the Association for Psychological Science's "Observer" magazine:

  • Famously superstitious, John McCain avoids taking salt shakers handed to him, tossing his hat on a bed, or commenting on his prospects without touching wood. An aide always has his lucky pen at the ready. And, a confirmed triskaidekophobe, he always carries 31 cents in his pocket (that’s 13 backwards) — in lucky coins. Also, since his campaign headquarters happened to be on the 13th floor of an Arlington, VA office building, he renamed the floor. He’s a powerful guy. It’s the “M” floor now.*

Bloody hell; this guy's nuttier than a squirrel's hibernation savings. Let's just hope Obama isn't on the same page as McCain on this issue and that he is not the type of guy who refuses to take right turns when driving or step on cracks in the paving or has to have all the light switches in the White House pointed in the same direction. That's all we need!

* You can read the full article here.

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