Saturday, 21 June 2008

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

Like a grey ghost, first edging slowly onto the stage, then like that bird on a wire, Leonard Cohen showed us all how to be free. Seeing him play last night at the Manchester Opera house merely served to cement his legendary status in the minds of all present. For an amazing three hours, the 73-year old moved effortlessly through old, familiar classics and some of his more modern greats. Notwithstanding the frequent cheesefest that was the backing band (we're talking the schmaltziest of solos on the sax and Hammond organ here) or the guy sitting next to me who intermittently decided to sing out of time and key, this was a fantastic gig.

From peppering the show with humorous little anecdotes to lifting the roof off the opera house with a spectacular version of Hallelujah, Mr. Cohen presented a masterclass in performance. I don't even care that every gig cannot be this memorable; I will take this one with me to the grave.
Sincerely, S. Wednesday.

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