Friday, 15 February 2008

Flawless Logic

You can just hear the UKIP rally cries - "What do we hate? Europe! When do we want them so stop interfering in UK domestic policy? Eh, soon!". Hugh Muir, in The Guardian, picks out a lovely flow of logic compliments of the UK Independence Party. As we all know, UKIP abhors European interference in the British way of life. Apparently, the EU is responsible for everything that's wrong with Britain today. However, a marvelous display of right-wing logic saw UKIP attempt to start a debate on the current government's failure to offer a referendum on the proposed EU-(not-a)-Constitution reform treaty, while calling for the EU to intervene and force the government to do so. Brilliant!

Of course this brand of warped logic is a hallmark of individuals and groups on the far-right of the political/social spectrum. It is this amazing ability to hold conflicting thoughts and beliefs simultaneously. UKIP's actions are not at all dissimilar from those of Americans who believe in Jesus and follow his commandments with zeal (including "Thou shalt not kill") and yet see no problem at all in having someone killed by hanging, electric chair or lethal injection. Oh, how I envy their logic.

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